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Wake County Public Schools is ranked one of the best in the nation by, an organization that collects information on public and private schools to provide parents the best information in choosing schools and school systems.

That, in addition to consistently high scores on standardized tests, a high graduation rate, and a high percentage of students going on to college, has made Wake County a prized destination for relocating families. Growth in Wake County has been robust.

With growth, comes challenge, however, as the school system struggles to keep up with the number of incoming students. The Wake County School Board has worked hard over the past two years to accommodate the growing number of students, and at the same time balance a healthy diversity with homeowners’ desire for neighborhood schools.

The result is that, for now, there is a real need to be “in the know” about current school assignment, as well as significant changes in school assignment that are on the horizon. Susan is plugged in to all the newest school system news.

Contact her for the very latest news on Wake County School Assignment. Permanent decisions regarding school assignment are being made now, as well as an impending school bond to raise funds to build additional schools.

Use the forms to determine which schools meet your student’s needs, or to determine school assignment for a particular address.

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